Treatment methods of erectile dysfunction

With approach of a sexual maturity, men often encounter difficulties of achievement of an erection and its correct maintenance. These frustrations in the sexual sphere carry to such disease as erectile dysfunction. Methods of treatment of this disease, at the absence of the expressed pathologies of patien's genitals, don't demand surgical intervention.

WHO researches showed that every fifth man, senior than 21 years, faces a problem with an erection and more than 50% among those have erectile dysfunction. For treatment, only not more than 30% of men address to medical institutions for further treatment.

Methods of treatment of erectile dysfunction are selected proceeding from an individual picture of a course of disease and after carrying out the diagnostic measures, including survey of the urologist, collecting laboratory results of the analysis and ultrasonography.

The main directions of treatment are:

  1. Medicamentous, with the help of various drugs;
  2. The therapy used for treatment of the psychological factors provoking development of a disease;
  3. The microsurgery helping to improve inflow of blood to the penis or to increase sensitivity of a head of the penis;
  4. Folk remedies which are used for treatment of easy forms of manifestation of erectile dysfunction;
  5. Prosthetics of a penis. It is a widespread method, which helps to identify problems, connected with pathologies of growth or development of sexual system in men. For example, small size of testicles or wrong shape of a penis.

Drugs needed to cure erectile dysfunction

The modern medicine possesses a wide range of treatment of this disease by means of the drugs produced in the form of tablets. The most modern and the latest among wide range of drugs is Levitra. Such method of treatment is often chosen by most of men because after the first reception of these a full-fledged erection is reached.

Another well-known drug in this field is Viagra, which has a similar effect, but its application demands special conditions of reception and has a large number of contraindications. It excludes for most of men more senior than 40 years for its regular application due to existence of any problems with health.


This method of treatment carries out single intervention in a mechanism of men's genitals. The main feature is a purposeful action on the solution of only one problem. There are no guarantees, which sensitivity of a penis during a sexual intercourse will remain at the former level after surgery. Statistically, if erectile dysfunction is caused by a complex of violations of an erection the patient all the same should face further application of drug treatment by means of tablets.

Traditional medicine

This direction of treatment is effective in the absence of systematic failures of a men's erection. This method usually includes treatment by teas on the basis of herbs of an euphorbia, St. John's Wort, broth of a root of Kalgan, etc. It helps to increase blood inflow in the natural way. Danger of application of such remedies is that they have no directed effect, and influence on all human body in general.

The address to the qualified health workers will help to choose a suitable method of treatment. In order to avoid complications, it is necessary to visit urologist at the first signs of suspicion on erectile dysfunction.