Features of Levitra tablets

This medicine is created in Germany for men with a weak erection. This drug has the main effect is not on excitement process, but on physiological possibility of a genital to carry out the function without failure. This medicine has no analogs, is on sale in drugstores without recipe, compact and has a number of distinctive signs:

  1. The exact directed action on treatment of sexual powerlessness.
  2. Helps natural inflow of blood to stimulate muscles of a genital.
  3. Real effect of this drug occurs at small dosages.

The main feature of this medicine in comparison with other similar drugs is the obvious help to patients who have no erection in a penis or it is unstable which prevents full sexual intercourse. Some men perceive medicine of this sort as goods from a series of purchases in the sex shop, but among all other similar drugs, you can buy levitra without prescription.

Advantages and disadvantages of this drug

Today the market of drugs for improvement of a potentiality and an erection is overflowed with various creams, powders and dietary supplements, but among them qualitative medical means are practically not present. Laboratory researches showed that for maintenance of a normal erection the man's organism needs a certain substance in a penis – nitrogen oxide. It helps to make active musсular system of a penis, increasing blood inflow. Levitra tablets help to provide necessary amount of this substance in blood. Using them, you protect yourself from action of inefficient medicine and the biggest advantage is price. Levitra price is low and these tablets available to everyone.

The main advantages of this drug are:

  • You can find cheap levitra in almost all pharmacy stores;
  • Action speed. Levitra, in comparison with viagra, acts twice quicker - in 20 minutes after reception;
  • Medicine can be taken together with food or without it. Other medical preparations of this group accept on an empty stomach. This drug will make you a small favour of having a pleasant dinner in the company of the young girl, which won't prevent the romantic night;
  • Alcohol isn't contraindication to application;
  • Clinical tests of this drug were carried out 25 years. Dosages for various groups of the population were during this time defined, possible side effects were investigated. Also, scientists carried out the deep long-term analysis of interaction of active contents of a tablet with use of other medicine;
  • Levitra doesn't cause side effects in work of heart that gives the chance to men in 45-50 years to have a full-fledged sexual life. But in case of having diseases of cardiovascular system consultation of the doctor is necessary;
  • Doesn't cause addiction and it is quickly brought out of an organism;
  • Duration of effect is from four to five hours.

It is important to note that Levitra can be bought without a prescription. Almost in each drugstore, you can find drugs produced by the pharmacological company Bayer. Levitra is one of them. Tablets of various dosage from 2.5 to 20 mg are issued.

If it is feel discomfort to go to a drugstore in order to buy the medicine solving a problem of intimate character and it causes you a stress, it is easy to order this drug through online store. It significantly facilitates purchase registration process, as there is no personal presence and "sidelong glances from other buyers". Every online store selling this kind of medicine will bring you a Levitra with other necessary tablets needed for the home first-aid kit.

There isn't a lot of disadvantages of this medicine and it is easy to avoid their manifestation. Researches showed that:

  • The use of a tablet together with greasy food promote long approach of an erection;
  • The erection decreases not sharply and gradually after sexual intercourse;
  • Causes overdose at application of more than 20 mg at a time. Doctors recommend to begin the use of this drug with small doses. Levitra 20 mg is the strongest dosage of tablets of this series.

Recommendations about application and Levitra's structure

Levitra is issued in the form of round orange tablets. The main substance of this drug is vasodilating Vardenafit. It is recommended to use Levitra in small doses for the people having chronic diseases of kidneys and a liver because active agents of a tablet very quickly get to blood and also are quickly removed. Before continuous application, such patients need to consult with the doctor.

The preparation isn't intended for women and children. Also it is recommended not to use tablets before driving.