Application of Levitra at chronic diseases

Statistically at 73% of the men, who addressed to the doctor with an erection problem, at statement of the diagnosis reveal associated diseases, which need to be considered at purpose of treatment. At a stage of a diagnostic testing, the doctor needs to collect the full anamnesis (clinical record) of the patient and to define the course of further treatment proceeding from an individual state of health of the man.

Right after primary inspection of the patient and at exact diagnosis of erectile dysfunction, it is possible to immediately appoint the reception of Levitra tablets. It is connected with the fact that this drug has small quantity of side effects. Using poll method, according to the client, it is possible to reveal the existence of:

  • Diseases of the central nervous system (CNS).
  • Diseases of cardiovascular system.
  • Disorders of a gastrointestinal tract.
  • Frustration of respiratory system.
  • Dermatological reactions or sensitivity to medical preparations.
  • Hereditary diseases.

Application of Levitra tablets to patients with anatomic deformation of a penis is possible only under strict control of the doctor. Safety of a dosage depends on laboratory analyses.

Levitra's appointment at violations of CNS

With extra care, Levitra is appointed to the patients with frequent headaches raised by a tone of an organism and dizziness. In such cases, it is recommend to receive medical treatment at the neurologist. In the absence of a serious illness of CNS the dosage of tablets is appointed. If the man has hereditary diseases of CNS, then the treatment using drugs isn't recommended or is individual.

Levitra's appointment at diseases of kidneys

Laboratory researches of side effects of Levitra showed that it's application doesn't influence health of patients with moderate violations in work of kidneys. Chronic diseases of kidneys in a terminal stage demand carrying out a hemodialysis, and it already forbids the reception of drugs, which stimulate sexual activity. In this case, it is strictly forbidden to use Levitra drugs, which also helps to prevent erectile dysfunction.

Levitra's appointment at liver diseases

It is recommended to begin reception of Levitra with small dosages for men with a liver failure. Further, it is possible to increase the daily dosage up to 20 mg under the condition of good tolerance of the patient and under supervision of the doctor. Levitra's action at a serious illness of a liver wasn't studied.

Levitra's appointment at cardiovascular diseases

Application of this drug within 6 months after the patient had a stroke or a heart attack is strictly forbidden. In other cases, such as the suspicion on diseases of cardiovascular activity, the doctor may add a complex inspection of heart and vessels. Due to the fact that the mortality of men having strokes and heart attacks is increased, in the instruction on application of Levitra tablets it is specified that reception of them has to be carried out regularly under supervision of the doctor.

In everyday life, the application of Levitra tablets is recommended to be suspended under further conditions, such as:

  1. Emergence of a nose congestion;
  2. The increased arterial pressure;
  3. The nausea;
  4. The increased body temperature;
  5. Cases of passing of a course of treatment of the diseases, which aren’t connected, with frustration of the sexual sphere.

It is important to note that clinical tests of Levitra and studying of its side effects took more than 25 years and it is possible to buy it in any drugstore without recipe of the doctor.