Problems with erection caused by erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a disappearance of an erection during sexual intercourse or a violation of an ability of maintenance of an erection, i.e. sexual excitement. This disease has a constant nature and can arise at the men who reached a sexual maturity. This violation tells only, for one reason or another, about impossibility of the penis to be intense and keep the hardness during the intercourse.

Most people think that erectile dysfunction is impotence but it is not correct. This problem is not about full inability to copulation. In most cases, this disease will easily respond to treatment.

Signs of a healthy men's erection

Approach of an erection isn't individual process from the point of view of anatomy and medicine at all. Everything proceeds unconsciously and doesn't give any trouble. In the nature, it is a reflex of a male on appearance of a female capable to give healthy posterity. Everything is much more difficult if we are speaking about people. Signs of emergence of men's erection:

  1. Increase of a penis' muscles.
  2. The instant hardening, which is followed by blood inflow.
  3. Increase in number of protective mucous allocations.

For comparison, in an organism of animals, approach of an erection can be spontaneous and not be shown in an excitement consequence from sexual contact. Most often, this state is connected with irritation of the nervous terminations on a penis. In difference from monkeys, imaginations on an erotic subject or memories of successful intimacy can cause an erection in the person.

Ways of maintenance of a normal erection

For men such concept as "the competition" is especially applicable to sexuality manifestation. Presence of the constant partner in sex is a subject of pride. There are various ways of maintenance of an erection from medicamentous to the psychological. It's important to notice that we are discussing constantly arising problems with erection, but not single inability of the sexual intercourse.

What are the main reasons we need to pay attention in order to have a normal erection?

First, overcoming of the fears, which are connected with an inability to bring a complete satisfaction to female representatives. Sometimes our worst enemy is our mind:

Secondly, absence of the chronic diseases connected with sexual system of the person. Often men consider that the erection depends on age, but it is a deep delusion. For example, diseases of vessels can arise at young people till 30 years and further lead to impotence;

Thirdly, maintaining the "correct" way of life. It is worth paying attention to influence of addictions, such as smoking or a drinking habit. Improper feeding influences health of a human body in general and can lead to the diseases causing erectile dysfunction;

Fourthly, heredity. We can here the diseases, which cause immaturity of genitals or their wrong structure and a form. In 54% of such cases, doctors appoint hormonal treatment and in 27% of such cases, the surgery helps.

Treatment of a violation of an erection with tablets

Modern drugs, which increase the inflow of blood to a penis for the period of the sexual intercourse often help to cope with erectile dysfunction in 90% cases (it concerns people with no chronic diseases).

Back in the days, the most popular drug, which helped to cope with such problem, was Viagra. But today there are more modern drugs, such as Levitra. Its action doesn't contain the majority of side effects in comparison with analogs and doesn't demand observance of special conditions before reception. These tablets are sold without recipe of the doctor, and they are available in any drugstore or online store.